organic maltose syrup

Maltose syrup is a clarified or brown liquid. It is a natural sweetener made from malt rice and rice. DELI FOODS Maltose syrup can be divided into ordinary maltose syrup, high maltose syrup, and maltodextrin.

Widely used in cold drink products, dairy products, baked goods, convenience foods, meat products and so on.


Wuhu Deli Foods Co., Ltd. the conventional parameters of the Maltose Syrup are as follows.If you need to customize the parameters, please contact us for more details.

If you need to customize the parameters, please contact us for more details.

  • Brix: 70%-87%
  • DE: 40-65%
  • PH: 4.0-6.0
  • Transmissivity :95 min
  • Boiling temperature: 115℃-155℃
  • Sulphated ash: 0.3% max

Standard Packaging

Wuhu Deli Foods Co., Ltd. The most popular maltose package is 500g bowls. We also have other packaging. If you want to customize, we also provide OEM and ODM services, please contact us!

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Small Packing

  • Plastic bottle: 50ML-5L

bulk packing

  • Tinplate: 25kg
  • Bucket: 30kg,75kg,290kg
  • IBC Tank: 1.4MT


  • Professional team
  • One-stop service
  • Own factory and cheaper price
  • Close to the port, fast delivery
  • Small MOQ
  • No additives and NON-GMO
  • Large-scale production capacity
  • Quick reply within 8 hours

Wuhu Deli Food Co., Ltd. is a global provider of food additives supplier that serving the demand for syrup.

Our clients trust us to provide quality syrup every time. Combined with strict manufacturing processes, top-notch R&D and a disciplined trading platform, Deli Foods continues to build upon our experience and relationships with more customers.

The HFCS,fructose syrup, glucose syrup, maltose syrup and rice syrup produced by Wuhu Deli Food Co., Ltd. have KOSHER, QS, BRC, ISO 9001 and HACCP certificates. »» View more certificate 

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